A gripping thriller that will shock you to the core.

Controlled all her life by her religious mother, fifteen-year-old Kelly Raven commits the ultimate sin.
She soon discovers that running away to the cold, frightening streets of London is less harsh than her previous life.
A drug dealer, two fraudsters, and a prostitute are her new family now and she becomes the woman she was destined to be.

Little does she know that Eddie Raven is coming for her, but she is no sweet four-year-old child and he is certainly no doting father.
The Raven's blood may run through her veins, but in her case, blood is not thicker than water.

Behind the cold damp walls of the cottage, seventeen-year-old Malakai River is left to fend for his younger sisters. In her selfish quest for freedom, his mother shacks up with a small-time gangster and recklessly leaves the children behind.
When Jean River returns a year later, she makes two shocking discoveries – a decomposing body of a young woman in her cottage … and Kelly Raven.
Malakai, battling to keep his sisters safe, steps into a world he knows nothing about, but he soon realises he has what most men fear – the face of his father. Yet even that won’t stop the enemy in the wings trying to destroy his family.

Four children – four fathers – four lies.
Once Cruel Secrets – now Wicked Lies


Ugly Truth: A gripping crime thriller with mystery, murder and shocking twists. (Kelly Raven)
After all the heartache that Kelly Raven has gone through, she can finally enjoy her life. The business is lucrative, her family are happy, and in a few months, her baby will be born.
However, in one evening everything changes . . .
The old firms have plotted to bring the Ravens’ down, in retribution for Eddie Raven’s reckless reign.
Detective Valerie Campbell has escaped capture and is on the run, with vengeance on her mind.
Another Raven is out there, determined to step into Kelly’s shoes and take over her empire.
But, behind the masked gunman lies the ugly truth.
Kelly Raven will have to fight alone – or at least die trying.
                                             After suffering the cruel secrets and the wicked lies, the ugly truth may kill her yet.


Bermondsey , London

With an absent father and a penniless mother, Cyril Reardon is determined to be the man of the house. As young as eight, Cyril is a charmer, a planner, and a risk-taker.

A rare trip to the country, shows Cyril a completely different world and it opens his eyes to how the other half live.

A young man wants Cyril shot dead but receives a nasty scar and a few injuries that sets him on a path of revenge.

Little does he know that all the time he was being raised a lord, Cyril Reardon was being raised a gangster.

Only one of them is a gentleman.
Only one of them plays the cards they were dealt.

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