My latest book and the start of a new series - Georgie Deacon

Part two will be out this year


Georgie Deacon thinks nothing of it when a gang of girls led by Yasmin, a member of the notorious
Marx family, knock at her door and threaten to hurt her daughter – that is until her daughter doesn’t
return home.
Detective Clark Kims ignores Georgie’s plea to have the gang of girls brought in for questioning. He
insists it is the work of the Kent serial killer, until Georgie realises that the detective’s daughter is
part of the gang.
Following the brutal murder of two members of the Marx family and the arrival of a Ministry of
Defence file, Georgie instantly becomes the number one suspect. Yet more worrying than securing
her liberty is the idea that the nemesis from her past has returned to exact his revenge – a promise
he made back in Afghanistan almost twenty years ago.
There was a lot more to Georgie than the Army’s top brass gave her credit for.
That was a huge mistake.

The first mistake was to underestimate Georgie. The second mistake was to underestimate her daughter.

When Georgie Deacon’s husband, Dixie, is found shot dead in the street, the police assume it’s a revenge killing.

However, things are not what they seem when two of her brothers-in-law are arrested for Dixie’s murder.

After she discovers a substantial padlock on her garage door and a box containing a child’s toy and a pair of trainers in her husband’s wardrobe, Georgie is forced to confront the secrets of her husband’s past. No matter how sinister they appear to be.

The shocking kidnapping of her daughter pushes Georgie to the brink, and she must do everything to get her daughter back. But if she can’t turn to the police, who can she turn to?

A twist you won’t see coming.

If you enjoyed the suspenseful twists and turns of Nemesis by Kerry Barnes, you’ll love the gripping, thrilling suspense of Malice.


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