Fourteen-year-old girls are disappearing, and it is hardly headline news.
Before leaving prison, having served twelve years, Harper Kane makes a promise – to find out
what happened to an inmate’s missing teenage daughter.
But first, she must secure a well-paid job and a place of her own to take back custody of her son.
What she falls into is a frightening discovery of human trafficking.
Forced to make an inconceivable decision, Harper will use everything she has learned inside to
protect her family, even if that means resorting to murder.
Who can you trust if you can’t trust the people who are supposed to protect you . . .
Four sisters – the matriarch – the abused – the backstabber – and the missing. 

Following the death of her husband, Desiree is left with two clubs. However, her family are
desperate to get ownership signed over to them, but Desiree has other plans that unwittingly
involve Harper Kane.

It’s only been a year since Harper Kane had to endure horrific torture at the hands of the Russian
traffickers, but it didn’t break her, it only made her tougher. And now the one person she believed
she could trust has shockingly become the enemy.
But when Harper meets Desiree Deacon, she discovers that there is so much more to her family than
just nightclubs. Harper is forced to enter the world of the unimaginable and discovers deeply
guarded secrets that will leave her reeling.
He brutalized the wrong woman and now Harper Kane is coming for him . . .

When Harper Kane is ready to get over her grief and take down Teddy Ryder, she is suddenly
faced with more shocking news.
Working undercover in the field of human trafficking, has its risks and Charley, Harper’s sister is
missing. Her operations manager believes she has been murdered.

However, a photo of two charred bodies, and a bloody set of handcuffs is not enough to
convince Harper that her sister is dead. Especially when Charley has sent her an electronic tablet
with a file that contains photos of a contract with the initials TR.
Is there anyone she can trust to help her? She certainly can’t trust the police.
There is only one way to uncover the truth and that’s her way, if she is to find her sister alive.
And to stop her they will have to kill her.mage with text >>

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