Crime thrillers not for the faint hearted
 Crime thrillers not for the faint hearted



1964 - London

Dolly Vincent is born to an East End gangster but is sent away for her own protection.

Mad Mick is hell bent on his revenge and will stop at nothing to kill her.

Estranged from her family, she becomes a successful barrister, but after a defending a young Italian man she finds herself caught up in a secret held by a high court

judge. Tortured and left for dead she flees London and heads to New York. Only the Vincent’s know where she is, but even they don't know the truth.

1990 Francesca is back to face her demons but this time she is not alone.

One woman three names


 ‘You can take the girl out of the East End but not the East End out of the girl’



Born to an East End gangster, Dolly was the victim of a cruel revengeful act. Ripped away from her family to live a life free from crime, only to be caught up in a long game of twisted sordid secrets held by the justice system. Her only escape was to flee England and find safety in New York amongst a notorious Italian family. A woman with three names. Now she has the ultimate reason to take her ruthless revenge and no one can stand in her way.

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