Crime thrillers not for the faint hearted
 Crime thrillers not for the faint hearted

Just a thought

So 'Ruthless' exceeded all my expectations , serioulsy I never imagined that it would shoot up the charts the way it did. It has 241 Amazon 5* reviews and that knocked me sideways. In my wildests dreams I never dreamed it would do so well.

Then I launched the sequel 'Ruby's Palace and I have to say I was nervous because I thought perhaps Ruthless was a fluke, I got lucky. Of course the second book has to live up to the first book and on the edge of my seat I waited to hear the verdict. WOW I was shocked when it shot up the charts to number 15 hotest new releases and so my journey begins.

I wondered at which point do you call yourself an author and for a while I assumed it was when you have published a few books, maybe five. Then I had feeback from the publishers telling me I has sold thousands of copies. So after contemplation I came to the conclusion that it's about the readers. To then think that thousands of people have read my books  I can call myself an author.

You see the truth is, as much as I love writing, 'Ruthless' was a book that I wanted published to tick of my bucket list. In reality I never imagined I could be anywhere up there in the charts and so now, since the success, I feel I can believe in myself and continue writing.

I have to thank all the people that have supported me in buying the books because without them, there is no Kerry Barnes the author.

19/02/2017 - I am in the process of finalising the third book in the sequel and hopefully it will be out in May this year. Again I am nervous but, its all part of the experience. I hope you enjoy the Vincent trilogy.


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