Ruthless A crime thriller not for the faint hearted
RuthlessA crime thriller not for the faint hearted

Who am I?

Well, I am just an ordinary woman with so many stories to tell. Getting up at 5am, most mornings, I like to lose myself into another world, from gangsters to vampires.


Ruthless is the first in a trilogy based around a very close East End family.  I have to say I became so attached to the characters I decided to write two more books with some of the original characters.  Of course each story is different.  Each book can be read alone, so there is no need to read the prequels.


I am struggling to decide whether or not to publish another book called 'Wood for the Trees.'  It is written in the first person and is very controversial but it does demonstrate my ability to write in different genres.


'Skylark' is another book, again written in the first person, but is a fantasy story (not sexual fantasy). I have to laugh, because to write about violence and torture followed by a fantasy book is so different but it makes me realise that whatever I am writing about, it changes my mood and outlook.  So if you see me, and I look miles away in a dream state, I am probably writing about fairies.


My background is science - medicine. Have I written about science? No. I might do one day.

My stories contain some of my life experiences.  You will have to decide for yourself about that though.


Did I mention I am also dyslexic? That's probably why I became an artist for a while but that’s another story.


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